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Bookstore Heaven in Durango, Colorado

Photo courtesy Maria's Bookshop Facebook page.

I am delighted to announce my book, Good Intentions, Wrong Directions, will now be available in the ‘new release’ section of Maria’s Bookshop in Durango, Colorado.

This is my favorite book store and I’m thrilled to be featured at the shop.

If you are curious about what an independent bookshop should be, treat yourself to a visit at Maria’s. Located at 960 Main Street historic Durango, Maria’s is a destination for book lovers needing the charm of a small shop with the selection of the big box outfits.

An addition to the magic of the shop is the knowledge of the staff. Those folks really read! I love to browse the ‘staff favorites’ shelves and thereon, have found more than one memorable read. Questions, queries, and recommendations are handled with the expertise and friendliness I had previously thought had gone the way of small shop America.

If you buy my book, great! Let me know if it made you smile. But even if you decide to pass on my work, you owe it to yourself to stop into Maria’s.

Happy reading,


~ Check Maria's Bookshop out on Facebook and Instagram ~

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